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WELCOME TO THE FRED GROSS WEBSITE !!! Thank-you !!  Fans from over 44 countries last month alone visited this website!!  It's a new record for visits in one month!!!

WOW!! WHAT AN AMAZING WEEK OVER AT BROADJAM!!  15 songs are now on the TOP10 charts!

 In some of the larger song catagories, in HARD ROCK catagory,  "It Seems" is #26 AND "Another Life" is #31 out of over 7860 songs!!  In BLUES ROCK,  "Get Over It" is # 8 AND "Lila" is #16 out of 4777 songs, while CLASSIC ROCK has the #10 spot with "Change" and "Didn't I Tell You" is #13 in the 4925 song category! Make sure you check out other charts and song status on the news page!


BROADJAM currently has 400,759 songs from artists all over the world !   AND in THE WORLD RANKINGS, there are currently two songs in the TOP 1000 !  

 #108- "WAIT FOR ME"     and     #865- "FAST JEANNIE"                                      

 Thanks to Awesome Fans like you!! 




TOP10 Rock Blues- #8- GET OVER IT

TOP10 Chicago Blues- #7- COME ON OVER, #8-SMOOTH & EASY

TOP10 Country Blues- #10- TIME FOR LOVIN ME


TOP10 Classic Rock- #10- CHANGE

TOP10-Americana Rock- #2- WAIT FOR ME, #7- FAST JEANNIE

TOP10 New Wave Rock- #2- MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY

TOP10 Roots/Rock n Roll- #10- HEY THERE BABY

TOP10 Rockabilly- #2- JITTERBUG ROCK

TOP10 Boogie Country- #5- THE WIND AND THE RAIN

TOP10 Smooth Jazz- #9- MOONDUSK


 AVAILABLE ON AMAZON, 29 Compilation CD's featuring Various Artists INCLUDING songs by Fred Gross!!! Check out the PRODUCTS page and also Amazon for these CD's and a whole lot more!!!

The Bluesman Needs Love Too - A Blues Compilation

 Forever in Love - Popsongs Female Voices, Vol. 4

Electric Blues 4

It's a long Walk - Country Pop Vol. 3

Beautiful Latin Music - Easy Listening Vol. 4

Classic Country - Bluegrass Vol. 5

Romantic Rock Vocal 3

Sound of the 70's - Rockmusic, Vol.1

Rock'n Roll of the Fifties, Vol.1

 Rockparty Vocal 3

Minds of a Day - Popmusic - Female Voices, Vol. 3

Moments - Country Blues, Vol.1



 Fred is a "Permanently Featured Artist" at Audiosparx!!! Audiosparx, a division of Navarr Enterprises, is one of the largest music publishing services now celebrating 14 years of providing the production music that supplies Hollywood!! All of Fred's songs are now EXCLUSIVELY available for Licensing through Audiosparx. Other Audiosparx affiliated sites where licensing is also available include: StockMusicSite and CustomLableMusic. AudioSparx

THANK-YOU SKY RECORDS & RECORDING..... Blues CD, "THE BLUES WALKS IN" has been re-mastered and released!! 3 new tracks were added to the original 2004 CD and all 10 songs have been digitally re-mastered and are now ready!! Some of the individual tracks can be purchased now through sites such as Reverbnation and Broadjam, or LICENSED EXCLUSIVELY through Audiosparx.