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WELCOME TO THE FRED GROSS WEBSITE !!!  Thank-you !!  Fans from over 44 countries last month alone visited this website!!  It's a new record for visits in one month!!!

NEW SONG REVIEWS-  "Born Under a Bad Sign"- What can be said about one of the great blues tunes of all time. Great tune, well performed. Nice guitar playing, solid backing, rock on.  Really great performances. Nice musicianship. The groove is really nice and the vocals are excellent. Nice guitar tone and over all feel. Excellent blues guitar solo. A really nice cover. Found myself grooving to this! Nice work. Enjoyed listening to it.

"Hung Up On You"- This strikes me as having elements of the glory days of Phil Spector with a touch of Bonnie Bramlett. We need more songs like this bumping the crap that's on the radio off into oblivion. Thanks for the fun recording. Every element of it, from vocals to instruments to arrangement--just wonderful!                an interesting song that has the 60's motown feel to the melody but then has a bit of glam rock in there sound wise but in a pop way, with flourishes of r &b and soul underbelly, nice feel good track, well performed and liked the harmony parts

 "Shake It Up"- Has a great Lenny Kravitz sound. I like the breakdown section. It breaks up the repetitiveness of the progression. Nice solo as well. Probably a great live performance song at a dance club. 

 "Now and Then"- Excellent example of a country blues soundscape perfect for background music in a movie or television show. There was a juice harp effect that was cool...the song put me in the delta or on the bayou...this type of song is good for travelogues or commercials. The instrumentalists were all excellent. I enjoyed listening to this till the end... 

 "A New Direction"- Love the lead guitar right out of the shoot followed by a fine lead vocalist who delivers some searing lines about starting a new. Very fine instrumentation performed by each player. Great listening for a Saturday...just in the mood for some funky laid back blues like this. Song has a cool exit with the lead guitar taking it out. 

 "Don't Waste Your Time"(featuring AmieLee)- Cool stuff for sure! That is one catchy tune, I'm still singing the chorus after the song was long gone. The vocals are right on pitch throughout, which is nice to hear these days. The middle section with the vocals intertwining with different lines is super cool and got my head spinning and the entire song still has me moving.good angsty pop rock. has that Avril Lavigne thing on. good vocal and guitar solo towards the end and catchy chorus would do well with the teen market this with right production           MORE REVIEWS on the Press Page.......


BLAST FROM THE PAST- The Weather Channel: Local on the 8"s,  listen on "YOUTUBE" !  Over the years, 19 different songs were aired multiple times on "The Local On The 8's".    Here are just a few!  Check out the details on THE WEATHER CHANNEL page. 

  "NOW AND THEN"          "SIESTA OTONO"     


    "STAY"         "WIDE AWAKE"   

    "THE GOOD DAYS"          " 7th "    

      " CLOUD-9 "            "MISTY MORNING"   

      "SUNRISE"         "FROM HERE TO THERE"



WOW!! WHAT AN AMAZING WEEK OVER AT BROADJAM!!  5 songs are now on the TOP10 charts!

 Thanks to Awesome Fans like you!! 



TOP10 Boogie Country- #1- THE WIND & THE RAIN

TOP10 Chicago Blues- #4- IN THE MORNING


TOP 10 Classic R&B- #8- HUNG UP ON YOU

TOP10 Country Blues- #9 - PROVE YOU WRONG



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Vintage 60 Chicago Blues- Session 38

70's Coltura- Best of- Vol.4

Texas- Vol.3

Vintage 60 Country Bluegrass- Session 27

Wrestling In The Cage

Rockabilly- Best of- Vol.4

The Bluesman Needs Love Too - A Blues Compilation

 Forever in Love - Popsongs Female Voices, Vol. 4

Electric Blues 4

It's a long Walk - Country Pop Vol. 3

Beautiful Latin Music - Easy Listening Vol. 4

Classic Country - Bluegrass Vol. 5

Romantic Rock Vocal 3

Sound of the 70's - Rockmusic, Vol.1

Rock'n Roll of the Fifties, Vol.1

 Rockparty Vocal 3

Minds of a Day - Popmusic - Female Voices, Vol. 3

Moments - Country Blues, Vol.1



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